Our story


The RE/MAX network was founded in 1973 in Colorado. The aim was to create an innovative franchise system that would give salespeople and franchise partners a high degree of independence, while allowing them to do their jobs to the highest standards. This is reflected in the brand name, which was created as an acronym for "Real Estate & Maximums".

Today, the network has more than 137,000 real estate advisors in 120 countries worldwide. It currently has 16 franchise offices in Hungary, most of which are located in Budapest. Our network has extensive relationships with domestic and international real estate investors, property developers and investment funds.

RE/MAX Commercial as a brand

Backed by 50 years of experience, the RE/MAX Commercial brand, supported by consultants with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the commercial real estate market, assists and supports clients worldwide in commercial real estate transactions, both on the seller and buyer side. RE/MAX Commercial provides a full range of services to its clients in all areas of commercial real estate, using market-leading systems and tools developed over decades by RE/MAX.

RE/MAX Commercial also provides assistance in the further utilization and operation of properties on demand, thanks to its complex service portfolio. Thanks to this, the cooperation does not end with the completion of a successful transaction, but in many cases is the basis for long-term partnerships.

RE/MAX Go: The first RE/MAX Commercial office in Hungary

We felt the time was right to introduce the internationally recognised and successful RE/MAX Commercial brand in Hungary. We believe that there is a strong demand in the commercial real estate market for a player that can bring real estate services previously available almost exclusively to large corporations to small and medium sized businesses. These players are also active players in the commercial real estate market, but due to their smaller size and often specialised nature, the multinational agencies are not able to serve their needs or are limited in their ability to do so.

These players are also active players in the commercial property market, but due to their smaller size and often specialised nature, the ability of multinational agencies to serve their needs is limited or non-existent.

RE/MAX Commercial's tailored business model enables the highest level of service and expertise to be made available to members of the SME sector, helping them to develop their market.

The RE/MAX Go office was founded by three real estate professionals with extensive contacts throughout the sector. In addition to the head of the office, their professionalism is demonstrated by the following experience figures:

  • 60 years of experience in the commercial and industrial property market
  • Involvement in the sale, leasing, financing and valuation of more than 1,000,000 m2 of space
  • Representation of owner, buyer and tenant sides
  • Facilitation and management of transactions in excess of EUR 300.000.000
The common goal is for RE/MAX Commercial and RE/MAX Go to become the preferred brand and player in the Hungarian real estate market.

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