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Why RE/MAX Go Commercial?

Why RE/MAX Go Commercial?

Our colleagues can be part of building an international brand at home. Although RE/MAX Commercial only launched in Hungary in the summer of 2023, it already has 631 offices in 69 countries worldwide. RE/MAX's global network was involved in nearly USD 22 billion in sales and leasing transactions in 2022. This is the market that every advisor who joins us gains access to. All our assignments are available in our global database, allowing our sales agents to gain experience beyond their home market and into international waters or leverage existing relationships. RE/MAX Commercial's experts are committed to helping clients solve their commercial real estate problems, whether it's selling, leasing, operating or financing.

One of the pillars of RE/MAX, and therefore RE/MAX Commercial, is our education system, which ensures up-to-date knowledge and market insight. In addition to complementary online and offline training, a dedicated mentor supports the first steps of our novice advisors, while more experienced advisors are assisted to start working independently with the tools provided by the system in the shortest possible time after joining.

RE/MAX provides our advisors with a range of tools for professional communication and marketing, including branding elements, freely editable help material, photos, brochures and suggestions for effective use of social media platforms. State-of-the-art customer management and IT systems help our experts to concentrate on their work.

Last but not least, our sales system allows RE/MAX salespeople to achieve the highest commission rates on the market.

Build your own business as a commercial real estate consultant! You decide how much income you want, have flexibility in your working hours and build your team. We can help you start and grow your business.

Why RE/MAX Go Commercial?

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