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1. Selling, renting

If you are already in contact with one of RE/MAX Go Commercial's consultants, chances are that you have made the decision to either sell or rent out your property or properties. In either case, we can assure you that our experienced consultants have the professional experience to assist you in the recovery of your commercial property. To this end, they will use up-to-date market knowledge to develop a tailored marketing strategy for the sale or lease of your property, using innovative technology to ensure the best possible results.

2. Market analysis

In the case of commercial properties, we always examine the characteristics of the property (location, size, age, condition, function, lettability, occupancy, etc.) and, with this in mind, we determine its market position in the light of current market conditions and propose a price. This is an important step in order to give our Client a realistic idea of what he can expect from the sale or rental of the property. We can then clarify the owner's expectations and ideas and further specify the sales strategy to be used to make the most effective use of the property.

3. Marketing, sales

Once all the details of the marketing and sale of the property have been discussed with the Owner, we will start to compile the marketing materials (brochures) and upload them to the property's online platforms to launch the campaign. Subsequently, the wider promotion of the property will begin.

In some cases, however, Owners have a specific request for their property to be treated as an OFF-MARKET assignment. In this case, it will only be displayed on RE/MAX Go's own website (not there if requested) and sold outside of that only by direct recommendation. We are assisted in this by RE/MAX's network in Hungary and internationally, as well as RE/MAX Go's extensive network of contacts in the business and real estate community, which allows us to sell orders in this way. In all cases, we provide full management of the sales process, from the start of the advertising process, through to informing interested parties (including participation in site visits), supporting the price negotiation and due diligence process, and assisting in contract negotiations.

4. Contracting, handover

Once the negotiations between the parties have been concluded and at the end of the post-agreement due diligence process both parties still intend to sign the contract, we will be happy to facilitate this. For more than two parties involved in the transaction, this has a particularly high added value for both the Owner and the Buyers in that they do not have to invest extra effort. Once the contract has been concluded, we will also manage the possession procedure, if required, so that the Owner does not have to deal with it.

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