For investors and tenants

If interested, we accompany our partners through the entire process of buying a property, from the identification of needs, through the selection of the property to the closing of the transaction, and, if required, we also assist in the further operation or use (rental) of the purchased property.

1. Defining the purpose of the purchase or lease

Step 0 is to determine why and under what conditions your partner wishes to buy or rent a property. For investors, the primary considerations are the property's ability to generate income, the quality of the tenant(s), the content of the lease (terms, lease duration, etc.) and the condition of the property. Of course, the function and location of the property are also of paramount importance, but these qualities are equally important for end-users or tenants. For end-users and tenants, the ability to carry out their activities as economically and efficiently as possible by using the property and thereby maximising their profits is a cardinal issue. In the case of development or investment (whether it is an investor, an end-user or a BTS project for a specific tenant), the available subsidies and tendering opportunities are further considerations to be taken into account in order to conclude a transaction.

2. Buyer and tenant representation

We can provide a complete and high quality service for your search needs within the framework of our so-called buyer representation service. In such cases, we are mandated to search the market for properties that meet the identified search criteria, compare them and make recommendations to the client as to which of the currently available portfolio(s) we believe best fits their needs, whether they are looking to buy or rent for their business.

3. Financing

Without a doubt, one of the most important elements of a deal is the financing structure. Depending on the current market situation, a buyer may have several financing options available to him if he does not want to tie up all his capital in a particular property or does not have the full amount of money needed for the transaction at the time of purchase. In each case, financing needs and options need to be considered on an individual basis in order to arrive at the most cost-effective structure for the specific transaction. We can also play an active role in advising on this process, as we have both the necessary experience and the contacts to ensure that our clients can obtain financing (or refinance) on the terms that are most favourable to them.

4. Negotiation of price and lease

For potential properties identified as a result of the search process, we are happy to participate in the price negotiation or lease negotiation process, or even to manage the entire process, thus relieving our clients of the burden. In such cases, we keep our clients informed of the negotiations and, representing their interests, we seek to negotiate terms and conditions with the seller or landlord that meet their needs.

5. Conclusion of contract, handover of possession, operation

Of course, we not only accompany you through the negotiation process as required, but we are also happy to support you in the coordination of the contracting process to ensure that it is as smooth as possible. This is particularly important in a transaction involving more than two parties, but we also do our utmost to ensure that the process runs smoothly for two parties. We are also able to represent our clients and their interests at the handover of possession. It is not uncommon for us to assist the future owner in finding a partner to operate the property (e.g. through our facility and/or property management partners)

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